Dear Liberty,

It’s been a while since I’ve written you anything, huh? I’d love to say I was too busy to write, but there’s not much to do up here. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll make it up to you with a t-shirt from this place.

Anyways, something crazy happened to me the other day and I felt like I had to tell you. So I’m just walking around, minding my own business, when I see this kid running around crazily, sobbing. He was definitely a newcomer, and usually I don’t deal with them, because the older people here do. (Unless they’re really really young. Then I pull out my kid’s TV show host experience.) But for whatever reason, I felt like I absolutely had to talk to this boy. So I did, and you won’t believe this: He went to Degrassi, too. Even if I’ve been here for 6 years, Heaven is still a weird place, Lib.

I sat him down on a bench and I talked to him. He said his name was Campbell Saunders, and he had only been going to Degrassi for a short period of time because he was a hockey player for the team that had just started there, the Toronto Ice Hounds. He had a girlfriend named Maya, who was a blonde who could play the cello like it was no one’s business, and he was upset because he missed her, he missed his family, and he missed the few friends he had.

“So, Campbell Saunders, how did you end up here?” I asked after hearing about all of that.

(He hesitated when he got to this part.) “I, uh… I killed myself. In the school greenhouse.”

And I completely flashbacked to the time when I ended up in the hospital after taking all of those drugs. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. I know I was really upset, but after everything that happened I was glad I was still alive. (Not like it did me any good, I still ended up dead before I even graduated. Fate’s a bitch.) But what would have happened if I hadn’t survived? Would I end up like this boy, looking like a beaten puppy, crying about how I missed my grandma, Toby, even you?

He told me it was the worst mistake he’s ever made. But you know what, even if you can’t fix a mistake this big, you can always learn to live with it. (No pun intended.) He’s staying with me now, Liberty, and I’m going to watch out for him. You know how I always wanted a younger brother.

I miss you everyday, and I know you miss me, especially my jokes. (That was always your favorite part about me, right?) And I know you’ll never read this letter, but I keep an eye on our son too. He’s growing up so well, I swear. And don’t worry, I’ll never forget you.

Love always,
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